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When we’re searching place for a conference, in the first place comes to mind great conference hall with huge amount of space. This is a misconception, that mostly leads us to organize a meeting without expression. Apartament Cosmopolitan is the denial of the classic conference room, offering much higher prestige and unique aesthetic sensations. Combination of these characteristics with a plenty of room for up to 40 people, give us possibility to organize unique and interesting conference.

We all know that courses is divided into interesting and demanding ones. Many things are influenced by it, but undoubtedly one of most important is the place where the given lesson takes place. Apartament Cosmopolitan will ensure that your training will be successful and will be remembered.

Are you organizing another integration event in the office? Or maybe you are planning to organize event in the bar for your employees? Certainly you will not surprise them, though you should. Think what the impression would make a meeting in the cosmopolitan building, with a glass of wine and beautiful, wide view of Warsaw.

Are you signing an extremely important contract or maybe you are discussing a project with potential investors? This certainly means a substantive discussion and hard negotiations in which not only strength of your arguments be verified, but also the way in which and where the whole meeting is organized. Apartament Cosmopolitan can give you a negotiating advantage, building respect and a sense of professionalism, also magnificent view of Warsaw will surely give you advantage.

Even the best and most grateful photographic subjects will not be presented in all their glory without a suitable background that would give them the right history and character. Cosmopolitan Suite guarantees an amazing panorama of Warsaw and a business-industrial character, adding your authenticity to the thematic sessions and more.

Birth of a child, name day or maybe an anniversary? Every important event in our lives deserves a proper setting and celebration. Cosmopolitan guarantees that every meeting that you organize will remain in your memory and in the memory of your guests, creating the best memories you and your loved ones will return for years to come.

Secret meeting under the cover of the night? Can a brave escape on the endless corridors of the skyscraper, completed in a room with a picturesque panorama to Warsaw? Cosmopolitan apartment is the perfect entry into the story you want to convey in your production, giving it a note of modern style and elegance.

Every one of us sometimes needs a little bit of separation from reality, spending our time with our better half alone, looking at the whole surrounding world from above, celebrations, experiences of moments that will fit into our memory. Cosmopolitan Suites will help you organize a unique, romantic evening that you will remember together for years to come.

It is said that the heart is best hit by the stomach, but delicious, well-cooked dishes, do not matter if they are not given under the right circumstances, in the right way. Every detail is important, so Cosmopolitan Apartment is the perfect choice for a romantic dinner in two, offering a great visual experience in addition to high comfort.

There are important, important, and important days in your life. Undoubtedly the last one should be the date that points to our birthday. Such a moment deserves the top shelf. Treat yourself or your loved one to one of the most prestigious apartments in Warsaw. Cosmopolitan Suite is an ideal and unforgettable place for a birthday party.

Business meeting? Birthday? Dinner for two? Last but not least, the other occasions will not be served without a good and beautiful meal. As part of the rental of the Cosmopolitan Apartment we are able to organize any catering service so that you do not have to worry about anything and focus on the main purpose of your meeting.

Spotkanie biznesowe? Urodziny? Kolacja we dwoje? To ostatnie szczególnie, ale także pozostałe okazje nie odbędą się bez dobrego i przepięknie podanego posiłku. W ramach wynajmu Apartamentu Cosmopolitan jesteśmy w stanie zorganizować dowolną usługę cateringową, tak abyś nie musiał się o nic martwić i mógł skupić na głównym celu swojego spotkania.